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Online Programs

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The Michigan State University College of Education offers online master’s degree programs for students who want to pursue advanced professional study through the convenience of distance learning.

Students gain knowledge relevant in their careers by engaging with expert faculty members龙八国际官网在线 and classmates who live and work around the world.

Personalized instruction and learning

龙八国际官网在线Students select from rigorous faculty-led courses, capped at 25 to ensure personalized interaction, based on their individual interests. They can focus in-depth on 1-2 areas of concentration and explore broadly across other areas.

龙八国际官网在线The programs also fit into various learning styles and schedules, providing learning opportunities anytime, anywhere. Advising is also readily available.

Among the best

In 2020, Michigan State University was , according to U.S. News and World Report.

Academic Programs List

Also, see the full list of Graduate Certificates 龙八国际官网在线offered by the College of Education, including some fully online options.

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