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Undergraduate Programs

龙八国际官网在线 The College of Education offers undergraduate study in teacher preparation and kinesiology and a minor in Educational Studies. The Teacher Preparation Program prepares students for careers in elementary, secondary and special education. Undergraduate students in the Department of Kinesiology study human movement and its impact on health, society and quality of life.


龙八国际官网在线The College of Education prepares students for future study and careers in a wide range of fields through the undergraduate programs in athletic training and kinesiology. Kinesiology degree programs can lead to jobs in allied health care, fitness and wellness programming, adaptive physical activity, exercise physiology, research, rehabilitation, administration, sports and recreation and more. The undergraduate Kinesiology major also provides excellent preparation for post-graduate admission to physical/occupational therapy, physician assistant, athletic training, exercise physiology, chiropractic, prosthetics, and public health programs, to name a few.

Teacher Preparation

Michigan State University’s five-year Teacher Preparation Program, which culminates in a year-long, post-graduate internship, is an innovative and demanding model for producing successful educators. Students choose from elementary education, special education and secondary education, with many possible subject-area majors and minors.

The program, nationally accredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, focuses on preparing teachers who have deep content knowledge and use the best methods for classroom teaching. Spartan teachers recognize the need to improve education for all learners. Many of them gain specialized skills for teaching in high-need settings, such as internationally diverse classrooms and those in under-resourced urban communities.

Minor in Educational Studies

The Minor in Educational Studies helps students from other majors at Michigan State University prepare for non-teaching careers that involve working with children and schools, such as law, policy, social work, psychology and more. Learn more about the Minor in Educational Studies.

Department of Teacher Education

The Elementary Teacher Preparation Program at Michigan State University prepares teachers who have the knowledge and skills needed to teach all subjects in kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5) and the depth to teach a specific subject area in sixth through eighth grade (6-8). Elementary education students are expected to gain a strong foundation in all core content areas as well as additional depth in the core subject area that is chosen as the teaching major. They also complete a professional education program and a fifth-year teaching internship to ensure they have the skills they need to become effective classroom teachers.

龙八国际官网在线In addition to Education, two other degree majors lead to elementary certification: Special Education and Child Development (with the teacher certification emphasis). Students with these degree majors must complete all requirements for elementary certification, including one of the four elementary teaching majors, the Planned Program for Elementary Education and a series of professional education courses.

Department of Teacher Education

The Secondary Teacher Preparation Program at Michigan State University emphasizes deep content knowledge in the subject(s) each student will teach in sixth through twelfth grade (6-12). The College of Education works closely with departments and colleges across the University in which teacher candidates earn their degrees and take the subject matter courses required for their teaching majors and minors. Students also take professional education courses in the Department of Teacher Education and complete a fifth-year teaching internship.

The secondary program ensures that students are competent in their subject matter knowledge and know how to effectively impart that knowledge in K-12 classrooms. Secondary education teachers prepared at MSU teach for understanding, reach diverse bodies of students, are thoughtful about linking subject matter in a responsive curriculum, cultivate learning communities and are engaged in democratic reform.

Athletic Training

Department of Kinesiology

NOTE: Future athletic trainers will need to hold a master's degree. The undergraduate Athletic Training program is under moratorium. No new students are being admitted.

龙八国际官网在线Athletic training is a specialty in the sports medicine field in which active involvement with athletes, physicians and coaches affects the health and well-being of competitive and recreational athletes. At Michigan State University, athletic training students have opportunities for educational and professional experiences that prepare them for jobs in high school, collegiate, professional, clinical and industrial settings.

Students are exposed to state-of-the-art philosophies, equipment and research while working with numerous athletic teams at MSU and in high schools. They have learning experiences that require immediate decision making, physician consultation, injury evaluation and communication with intercollegiate and high school coaches, student-athletes and clinical athletic training supervisors.


Department of Kinesiology

Kinesiology involves study of the anatomical, biomechanical, physiological, psychosocial and developmental aspects of movement and physical activity, as well as its impact on health, society and quality of life.

龙八国际官网在线 The bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at MSU can prepare students for positions in allied health care, fitness and wellness promotion, community physical education, coaching and sports administration. 龙八国际官网在线 are varied and work settings include medical, clinical, educational, psychosocial, corporate and sports environments. Many kinesiology graduates earn advanced degrees in medicine, occupational/physical therapy or research. Students have opportunities to participate in research through multiple research laboratories.

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