Non-Traditional Post-Bachelor’s Routes to Initial Certification

The College of Education offers non-traditional routes to teacher certification for individuals with specific backgrounds, including those who are fluent speakers of Chinese and those who have backgrounds in science and intend to teach in urban schools. These specialized post-baccalaureate programs are designed to meet particular needs in the teaching workforce and include unique admission and course requirements. Other individuals wishing to earn initial certification after earning a bachelor’s degree may apply for the more traditional Post-Bachelor’s Program at MSU.

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Chinese Experimental Teacher Certification Program

The Chinese Experimental Teacher Certification Program龙八国际官网在线 prepares fluent speakers of Chinese Mandarin to be certified as K-12 teachers of Chinese language and culture in the United States. The two-year program, offered in collaboration with the , leads to initial teacher certification. Under specific circumstances, it may also be possible for certified Michigan teachers who are fluent speakers of Chinese Mandarin to add an endorsement in that language.

SETS-UP (Supporting Early-Career Teachers of Science Through Urban Partnerships) Fellowship Program

SETS-UP龙八国际官网在线 is a five-year fellowship program that leads to certification as a secondary science teacher and a master’s degree. Funded by the  and the National Science Foundation, SETS-UP prepares individuals with backgrounds in the sciences for careers as middle- and high-school science teachers in urban classrooms throughout Michigan. Fellows complete a year-long residency in a high-need secondary school and receive professional support across their first four years of teaching.