• Efforts to internationalize curriculum and teaching
  • Research that is international in scope
  • Outreach projects that extend beyond the country and continent
  • International Strengths in the College

    The Office of International Studies in Education provides a wealth of resources and information about how students, faculty and programs reflect global perspectives.
    Visit the Office of International Studies in Education website.

    Opportunities for students

    The College of Education, which is home to more than 200 international students from 40 countries, develops opportunities for students to gain global experiences and competencies-no matter where they are from.

    The Confucius Institute

    The Confucius Institute at Michigan State University (CI-MSU) has been recognized among its peers worldwide for providing exemplary opportunities to learn Chinese language and culture. CI-MSU was the first Confucius Institute to offer online Chinese language courses, and it continues to develop innovative uses of technology to help meet the increasing demand for Chinese education in the United States.

    The institute offers online course and learning materials, a unique online game called , programs to prepare and place Chinese language teachers in K-12 schools and a model for establishing Chinese-English language immersion programs龙八国际官网在线 that blend Eastern and Western teaching styles. .

    International development projects

    Faculty members engage in many forms of international collaboration, and their research and development projects reach around the globe.

    • Global Initiative for Higher Education
    • Tanzania Partnership for Sustainable Community Development