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) at 353-3960. A 24-hour notice is required. The ATS will deliver the equipment to the classroom and set it up at no charge to the instructor or the team.

The Center of Teaching and Technology in 133 Erickson Hall has a collection of peripheral equipment that is available for use by College of Education faculty, staff and students. This collection of equipment aims to help students and faculty within the college fully utilize the capabilities of their computers and software while increasing their general knowledge base of technology. Equipment can be checked out for two weeks at a time. Please see one of the TIES in 133 Erickson for more information.

Additional information about hardware and equipment can be found at the following site: http://girlsmeeter.com/resources/technology-and-data/technology/computer-support/

  • Book Orders

Books for each semester course are to be ordered through Karen Gray ONLY. Karen is located in 355 Erickson Hall or by phone at 353-0696. Desk copies for course instructors may be ordered by contacting the publisher.

  • Class Email

You can email your class both through Angel and through the Registrar’s Instructor Systems Menu. Find the Instructor Systems Menu in the left menu at http://www.reg.msu.edu. It will respond if you have been registered as an instructor.

  • Classroom Equipment

An MSU webpage enables you to search for a classroom that has all of your requirements (moveable chairs, technology, etc.) http://opbweb.msu.edu/InstrSpace/

  • Class Lists

In order to access your class lists, please use the Office of the Registrar Instructor Systems website. This website requires you to login with your MSU NetID and password. Once logged in, this system will indicate what courses you have access to and the different information available to you from this site.

If you have trouble with this system, please see the Registrar Instructor System Online Grades tutorial for help, or the Instructor System Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Conference Room Reservations

The College schedules all of the meeting rooms in Erickson. You can check availability and schedule rooms at http://ed-web2.educ.msu.edu/coeresources. A faculty member’s name will be needed to schedule.

  • Direct deposits of reimbursements

When submitting Reimbursement and Travel vouchers that are for direct deposit, please use the exact name of the person as it appears on the University Payroll system. When this information is entered into the system, verification is done to ensure that the name matches the ID # used. Use of nicknames or other aliases will slow down the processing of the voucher and/or cause the voucher to be rejected and sent back to the department.

  • Mailboxes

If you do not have an existing faculty or graduate student mailbox, one will be provided in the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program area, please see the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program secretary in 347 Erickson for more information.

  • Parking Passes, Permits and Tickets

Short-term parking passes (two-hour, four-hour and all day) are available for off-campus staff. For special circumstances (guest speakers, etc.) please contact the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program secretaries. The university will not reimburse you for parking permits or parking tickets.

  • Photocopies

The College of Education requires instructors to use technology instead of hard copies whenever possible. Remember that most documents can easily be sent electronically thereby reducing our carbon footprint and allowing us to be good stewards of environmental resources. We ask that you think of the environment before making copies.

For that reason, all copy machines in Erickson Hall are secured and require a copy code to operate. Please see your subject area leader for more information. The machines available on each floor are intended for small jobs or copying out of bound material only.

It is more cost effective, and convenient, to use the Copy Center for 25 or more copies. They are also able to create CDs with your materials or scan your material to a website which the students would then access. A copy request card must accompany your order, which is located in the Copy Center.

Any copy request made of the Copy Center that totals 500 or more pages must first get written permission from the chairperson of the Department of Teacher Education (however, those teaching for more than one department should get different codes and permission from each department).

  • Reimbursement Policy

MSU will reimburse individuals who use their own funds for legitimate university business purposes. There are limits and restrictions; please contact the Secondary Teacher Preparation Program secretaries if you have any questions.


  • Reimbursement (Mileage)

Field instructors and course instructors who travel to schools in the course of their duties can be reimbursed for their mileage. Please see the Angel website for field instructors for more information.


  • Reimbursement (phone calls)

The Teacher Preparation Program highly encourages the use of Skype for conference calls. Skype is a Web 2.0 technology which provides free computer to computer digital calls and conferences. Skype calls are made over the computer. Please see www.skype.com for more information.

To be reimbursed for long distance phone calls to interns and mentor teachers, please submit your phone bill (original, not photocopy) to your Teacher Preparation Program secretary. Highlight the calls for which you are requesting reimbursement and write the name of the person you phoned next to the charge. Normally, reimbursement is available only for calls made from ordinary telephones. If you wish to be reimbursed for emergency calls made from a cellular/mobile phone, you must also submit a written explanation of why it was necessary to make the call from this phone.

  • Supplies

龙八国际官网在线There are supplies for course instruction available in 116 Erickson. Please note: these supplies are not intended to be supplied to the students in your courses. The supply cabinets are locked at all times, therefore you will need to get the key from one of the Teacher Preparation Program secretaries in 116 bay area Erickson. Any supplies that you personally purchase for course instruction, within reason, may be reimbursed (see Reimbursement Policy).


  • Filing Syllabi

As faculty, the TE Department is obliged to know the design for all of the sections of all of its courses. Upon completion of your course syllabus, please (insert text ) . Syllabi for all courses from the previous year are also available.

  • Syllabus Language for Online SIRS

    Michigan State University takes seriously the opinion of students in the evaluation of the effectiveness of instruction, and has implemented the SIRS (Student Instructional Rating System) process to gather student feedback. This course utilizes the “online SIRS” system. You will receive an e-mail sometime during the last two weeks of class asking you to fill out the SIRS online form at your convenience. Please note the final grade for this course will not be accessible on STUINFO during the week following the submission of grades for this course unless the SIRS online form has been filled out. You will have the option on the online SIRS form to decline to participate in the evaluation of the course—we hope, however, that you will be willing to give us your frank and constructive feedback so that we may instruct students even better in the future.

  • Writing syllabi

The refined syllabus for a powerful course will be the collective work of an instructor group over a period of years. (If you cannot tell that you are a member of an instructor group, please contact the Teacher Preparation Program coordinator.) Further, syllabi are the final and most detailed step in providing students “prior notice” of the expectations to which they will be held. Without that prior notice, those expectations cannot be effectively enforced.

  • Elementary
    • Using Elementary Classroom Management across the program

    Weinstein and Mignano’s Elementary Classroom Management, Third Edition (ECM), core text for the Elementary Teacher Preparation Program. It is a text that is utilized from course to course throughout most of the Elementary Teacher Preparation Program in order to build a coherent program. The table below indicates how Weinstein and Mignano’s Elementary Classroom Management is used in each course, to achieve that effect.

    • Elementary Classroom Management – Scope and Sequence

    Weinstein, C., and Mignano, A. (2003). Elementary Classroom Management: Lessons from Research and Practice (3rd edition). NY: McGraw-Hill.